About Us

I Am Still Here (Previously titled "Blur")  is a coming-of-age story about an African-American girl, Layla,  who is abducted and forced into prostitution at the age of ten.

Seven years later, Layla is discovered lying half-dead in an alley, unable to speak.  Detective Amy Walker helps Layla untangle the memories of her horrific past to bring her perpetrators to justice so Layla can start anew.

I Am Still Here is a story of hope and redemption told through the eyes of a seventeen-year-old girl recovering after her escape from seven years in captivity as a sex slave.  The film portrays with brutal honesty, the unimaginable circumstances of a young girl, Layla, kidnapped for sex slavery.  I Am Still Here captures how her life is saved through the power of friendship, the empowerment of female spirit, and the strength of â€‹family.